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Owlsey has left newgrounds.

2009-05-20 21:40:01 by Owlsey

My parting gift.

This is the average newspost

2009-04-13 20:00:44 by Owlsey

This is the average newspost body.

Stat whore of tommorow

2009-04-09 10:33:28 by Owlsey

Medals by making flash? Screw that! I am now getting the medals from every NG game with them I see! 685 points!

Leon's Memoir

2009-01-18 18:48:21 by Owlsey

I did not listen to the conversion of this song before posting. It was horrible.

You see, the converter isn't anvil studio compatible, and it screws up the instruments. It sounded ten times better, but the converter screwed it. It has been removed.

My apologies.

Animal Crossing City Folk

2009-01-07 19:28:07 by Owlsey

It's a rip-off. The idea may be original, but they stole some stuff from other games. First off, Axes: If you throw an axe into the fountain, some guy comes up, asks you a question, and gives you either a silver axe or a golden axe. In the first four .hack games, you throw a weapon into a spring. some guy comes up, asks you a question, and either upgrades your weapon, or gives you A SILVER AXE OR GOLDEN AXE. Heres a spoof of the .hack weapon spring for reference. This is more understandable then the .hack one, but then, when you get an emotion, if you have 4 or more, you get asked "You can only learn 4 emotions at a time. Would you like to replace this with another?". In the pokemon games, when you learn a new move, it asks you "You can only learn 4 moves at a time. Would you like to replace this with another?". Coincidence? I think not.
Pokemon AND .hack both came out before this game. Somehow, this game is so fun i love it but i hate it for the ripoffs.
BTW: Pokemon isn't so much as one.

Everytime you click this i get money.

666 is Nonexistent

2008-12-31 22:16:47 by Owlsey

I was bored, so i looked up portal view numbers, such as
Then I decided to look up
, and it turns out Tom kept this video from ever happening. See for yourself.

666 is Nonexistent

Telletubbies :D

2008-12-14 20:50:25 by Owlsey

I regret being mj for halloween

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How to open a bag

2008-12-02 21:35:28 by Owlsey

I'm building a hatred for my grandma. She tried to teach me how to open a bag today. "Grab both sides and pull. If your not strong enough to open this here paper bag then get the scissors honey." "I know how to open a bag." "DONT BACKSASS ME! If your such an expert then let me see you open the bag!"
Just wondering, how many people here can't open a bag? please tell me.


2008-11-17 22:12:42 by Owlsey

Stuff like mine should never get that low of a score. If you guys are 0ing it because you think its stolen, ziggyzack99 admitted his dumbass mistake. Its mixed from the audio of rpgmaker xp. CUT ME SOME FRIGGIN SLACK!

False Accusations

2008-11-16 15:14:55 by Owlsey

Look at my bbs post in audio and maybe help me out.